It’s a no yaan week this time. The Cheery redhead fell again and it was thought that her 2nd leg was broken so things have been busy. What I have seen is the AZALEAS I have mentioned in an ealrier post. Springtime is a-coming.  One poor quality photo for you and  I shall take a look around town this week. ee what I can find in the way of Spring flowers. The jasmine has begun to bloom and all manner of flowers whose names I do not know.


Well, when I said NO YAAN, I was feeling ready for bed but before I take myself off, I was hoping the new Photo Challenge Topic would appear. A little early for Australia, methinks. The MOB is ready for its first load of goods to be transported 1200 kms to their new home down South. The Cheery redhead and her folks are home from Hospital. The Electric fence is keeping Leo from knocking the wires down and all is quiet out there.

Well, it seems quiet. The foxes may well be out and about. I reckon Scrubby keeps them away from the 2 chooks here. Scrubby has taken to chasing Spider, the black cat. That cat takes off full pelt with the bird after it.

Yesterday, a pelican circled over here and damn near landed in the front yard and today CR and me were feeding bread to the birds out at her place when a very large white bird began circling overhead but pretty low in the sky. I thought it was an eagle but the IMM says it was probably a GossHawk.

I’m busy this week, writing a fairy tale blog for some secret people. It’s a good way to keep in touch.  Good Night to you all. Hope the Hurricane is kind to the East Coast of the U.S.A. Sleep Well , Australia.