2 SEPTEMBER 2011 : Only fools want to travel all the time. Sensible men want to arrive. Metternick

Tonight I am tied up getting ahead with my Daily Calendar called THE GEM COLLECTION.  It gets the lowest number of hits of all my blogs and yet – I go on with it. I am posting one of the entries here On the Bench tonight and I shall continue building up a reservoir of posts for the rest of the year. Wonder why people don’t like it. No matter – I want the obscure quotes and the Australian Poetry ( a lot of which was almost lost till the Newspapers were scanned and put on line. ) and it starts each of my mornings.


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train poem The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW 1842 - 1954), Saturday 24 July 1937,



I like to climb the railway fence

And watch the train go by,,

But sometimes I climb down quite quick

With cinders in my eye.

The driver waves, and once he threw

A penny at my feet;

I s’pect he thought I’d like to buy

A little penny “eat.”

When I am big I’ll drive a train,

And always have some pence

To throw to little boys like me

Who climb the railway fence.


“For the Children.” The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954) 24 Jul 1937


Two drunks were walking upgrade between the railroad tracks. One of them said, “this is is longest stairway I have ever been on.” To this, the other replied, “It’s not the stairs that bother me, it’s the low banister.”