Heading off for a walk to the shops to purchase gifts for kinfolk. The winds are blowing hard and there are fires in the Mountains. I am going to the Scientific Toy store and maybe the bookshop. Back later.

Evening is here after another busy day with family. Its also a bushfire day. Not down here but up in the BLUE MOUNTAINS and I believe there is smoke about on  the North Coast and along the Hume Highway. Here, in the city, just winds. 

One thing we have noticed on this vacation is the large number of friendly faces and happy faces. That’s a fair change from a few years back. I wonder what has changed the face of this city, at least in this area. I was listening to a school assembly this morning, just nearby, and I heard plenty of laughter and music and general good spirits instead of the peculiar whining condemnatory tone that some teachers perfect and inflict on innocent assembled groups of kids and families. I was once a teacher. I recognise Assembly techniques and today was a happy one. Bravo, Annandale Book Week. It reminded me of Mr Curry who was Headmaster of Urunga way back. He was heard to say at his first assembly as the new boss;

“ I can hear children laughing”

Nerves and fear came upon the gathering of little ones and parents.  Nods and clicks of agreement came from certain of the staff, combined with the head nodding self righteousness of the Teacher. What they were not expecting were the next words from their new Boss who said in total;

I CAN HEAR CHILDREN LAUGHING AND THAT’S A VERY GOOD THING ! “ He followed that with encouragement to LAUGH MORE.

Today’s overheard assembly had the elements of the same happiness.