I am quite a bench sitter. A Libran as well which leaves me seeing this side and then that side and feeling sorry for this one – and then for that one.

it was agonising in the late 1960s with Vietnam on and moratoria and its agonising in its own way now. Combine the ambivalence with lack of courage, and you have the Bench Sitter.

I watch a lot.

I talk a lot.

I comment a lot.

And I hesitate a lot.

Nonetheless, I find this an exciting time as I have been saying all week. I don’t at all wish to be dragged out of the crowd in OCCUPY MELBOURNE . I don’t want to be fingerprinted again as I was in 2003. I am afraid still of the persecution of the authorities but I REALLY, REALLY don’t want to see things go on as they are.

I am watching our News on TV now. We are 4 news reports into the half hour and NOT ONE MENTION  has been made of the OCCUPY MELBOURNE mess today.  They have told us that the Queen is here and of Gaddafi’s death and a few oddments but NOT ONE MENTION of Australian protesters being dragged away by Australian police. On horses.

Years back, when  we were massed on Town Hall in Sydney and police were removing their badges, there were far fewer ways of recording or proving what had happened. Now – we have the internet – thank God for that !


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