Today I am staying home after a busy few days. The temperature is sweet and the breezes are coming up from the river. I have 2 things on my mind this morning.

The first one is the BENCH in the picture up above. I went to Bellingen yesterday to wait for  Kati B and the Cheery Redhead. That involved finding a place to park in the newly refurbished Church Street Psuedo Urban Café Precinct. The newly refurbished end of the Precinct was deserted as per usual due to direct sunlight and bizarre benching. The old section was crowded with all ages, shapes and sizes. ( We really should do an OCCUPY CHURCH STREET). Next thing, along come Bellingen Council workers who politely ask a woman who was lunching on one of our long term benches to move away. I had already seen them remove one bench a little further on. Then they whip out their tools of trade and sparks fly as they cut through the metal clamps holding the bench down and remove that one as well. Now we have a large empty space there. I WONDER WHY.

I am attempting a non-whingeing  few days but surely do get rattled when I park the Charade and look across the street to see them up to more nefarious activities. HEY COUNCIL. LEAVE OUR BENCHES ALONE.

Round the corner in Hyde Street, I took a seat on another bench outside the IGA. A gentleman sat down beside me and said – “ we need more benches ”.  He didn’t even know about the ones round the corner. And I didn’t have the heart to tell him.


The 2nd thought which has been engaging me this morning is NEIL YOUNG.  All these many years I have had a fixation on Neil Young. I haven’t liked him AT ALL.  Izzy tells me that it was probably the many 100s of impersonators that I truly didn’t like not Neil himself. Be that as it may, I stumbled across a Neil Young clip today and then looked at his website – and now I am revising all my embedded opinions and suffering again from the results of “ CONTEMPT PRIOR TO INVESTIGATION.”

I think I just might like NEIL YOUNG after all.





NEIL YOUNG obviously does BIG things. Amazing. I am going to post 2 videos for those of us who do the SMALL things. An old favourite and a new truth. 

I didn’t buy AVON yesterday – even though the wee lass selling it is a darling.

I didn’t cut my hair either.

And I have used this one before and I am doing so again for my own sake – little things is enough, Girl.


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