For a declared Idler and Bench Sitter, things seem to have been rather hectic of late. Best take a run through of my bench pics. I have seen rather a lot of  benches in 2011 despite not always taking the time to sit myself down on them. Now that Summer is looking down her Snout at me, I am consciously practising the Idle and the Sitdown. I have resurrected the camp stretcher and set it up on the side verandah and as long as that damned Chook don’t poop all over it I will be leaving it there. I am again paying attention to Stillness and Benchiness. I like the setting at North Beach where they have incorporated maritime rope into the renovations at the Store. We sat at the bench there for lunch just the other day. Now lets look for some images of benches and I shall do some eBENCHing. Spiritually sit down and take a seat for a while. I might take the whole evening and get a feel of what it actually would be like to be sitting on each of these seats – in the various places.

The North Beach ones face the Bellinger River where we saw dolphins that one day.  They are a bit old and a bit oddly assorted but they have history. They are also curiously uncomfortable. Some are designed for eating and some are purely for sitting upon. Watching the River and Pickett Hill in the distance.

It’s the last night of the weekly photo theme and when I wake in the morning, likely the new theme will be posted. I figure frizztext will be first off the mark and with a  quality shot.  I don’t choose my entry of the week till the last day of the week. That means now. So I am on the alert for a HIDDEN picture to wrap it up. Tomorrow I shall start to see the other bloggers ideas of whatever the new theme for the photo challenge is. I like that. That’s real eBENCH stuff for me.


I once again assail you with the new Church Street benches. I have short legs and sitting on these, my feet dangle inelegantly a few inches above the ground. They took out shade trees to achieve this effect.  Its easy to go really wrong with the Bench. Someone suggested that they look like a bus stop.


The simpler bench down by the river at Bellingen. Useful as a table or seat or baby change area. Low. Could do with shade but all in all, a success.


The old bench is sneakily removed from beneath the camphor laurel trees in Church Street. Generations have sat on these benches. Fine benches they are. Solid and BIG and now they are GONE.


The classic bench. The SHOWGROUND BENCH. Almost a pew. 


Another simple bench by the water. This one is at URUNGA SEA LIDO and looks out to the rivermouth and out to sea. I like this clip. Izzy Foreal on the Bench. Lady with parasol on the sand.


Doesn’t need many words this one. Hard to beat for lunching on.

benchsaf nana

This is THE bench that started this blog. The one on which I have sat often with the Cheery Redhead. Her Mum took this sot the day we introduced her to CHEESE STRINGERS.