black bear2


I don’t use the term AN ORDINARY DAY lightly. I haven’t had many of them over the last 12 months to 2 years or even more. Life has been in major disarray, A couple of weeks back, I became aware of the ‘boredom’ that assails me following an extended period of excitement, busyness, shocks and variations. Marian once told me not to destroy the boredom because Life would bring enough excitements of its own and she was surely right. Nonetheless, the familiar panic began to rise within and the sense of depression. With that came the urge to see a doctor and be given ‘something’ for it or to do something radical and change the Outside in the hope of altering the Inside. It works sometimes but sometimes it just wreaks havoc.

This time, I managed to do nothing in particular and now I have arrived at AN ORDINARY DAY.

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