the YAAN.

Well. That’s also the last day of my ORDINARY WEEK. The very tiniest touch of unhappiness and quite extended periods of normalcy and peace.  When I was reading NYLON DAZE today, I was thinking about how the details of daily living are significant. She was describing the apartment style living. The smallest things are fascinating to me on this side of the world in a rural area. The first time I wrote on Facebook about the marine print we have on our toilet paper, I was surprised to find out that other countries had no options on printed loo paper or even coloured . I like to know what kind of houses people live in, what the schools look like, what kind of cars they drive or public transport do they have. What do they consider ‘normal living’.  How do they get their mail and how often ? How does the garbage get collected and where does it go ? What’s the air like ? What birds are in their area ? Other animals? What’s the weather like ? What security do they have on their homes ? What kind of keys do they use ? What celebrations do they have ?  What doe things cost ? What foods do they eat ?

Today was ARMISTICE DAY. Remembering the end of WWI. I was in my own small town, Urunga.  It’s a beachside village of maybe 2500 or so. The ceremony was very small and very casual. That’s our little memorial just outside Urunga Public School. That’s about as dressed up a people get in Urunga.

Yesterday, the local Credit Union was robbed. Its called the BANANACOAST CREDIT UNION. It was a not very impressive robbery. Today there was one security guard there and that was not very impressive either.


I live maybe 8kms from Urunga. About 1 km back from the River and 2-3kms from the Ocean. I’m not sure how many acres of land we live on. Perhaps 40. I rent the Workers Cottage for $250 per week and next door to the North is the Main House. To the South is the adjoining property where John  lives and the old dog Jessie. We have trees and an orchard between us. A bit further along is another house or maybe 2.


We have a good few animals here. A lot of bird life. Horses, cattle, dogs and cats as well as some chooks and a scrub turkey and at least one possum. A couple of times, I have also seen foxes.

The driveway is maybe a half kilometre long.

We don’t get a rubbish collection and have to take out garbage to the local tip which is now a WASTE MANAGEMENT TRANSFER STATION or somesuch.

I am over tired tonight and will leave the core of this till tomorrow.  I am taking a look at some other blogs – PROPERLY – instead of my glancing and scanning technique. Paying attention to the minutiae of the worlds they are telling me about. Another friend in Boston told me they wouldn’t be allowed to just build a driftwood village on the beach as we have here.

Its easy to take things for granted – good bad and indifferent – knowing no other.