One word to the Wise – don’t underestimate the StoryTeller.



First up, take a look at MELONPOPDROPZ, a very special Urunga Lady.


Didn’t enjoy today – but only in a mildly disappointed way. Dealing with a Telephone Company. Izzy has a theory about the coalfront of these companies. He says they name the young public contact  people with names like Fleur and Petunia or Jacky or Willy. Names that defy you to upset them. So far this time I have had Zac and Roger and Thomas – pleasant young men indeed. What I still don’t have is an activated mobile.

I have been in a few fights with them now and am better prepared but I still come out feeling a little unwell, near tears and done in.



I keep all contact with the straight world to the best minimum I can negotiate each day but now and then we have a collision and today was one of them. Sitting here, yaaning to you, I don’t feel so bad  now and a suspicion of a grin is forming. I was not intimidated by the nice names, or the nice manners nor by the nice promises. I DID make a complaint to the Ombudsman. I was assertive. Bravo to me ! Mind you, I still don’t have an activated mobile phone. Ah well – in the end, best roll around on the floor laughing. There will be hardly any mobile range here anyways even when it is activated.

It’s a lovely evening. Very dark and a storm is cooling the air. I’m home alone and have completed Tip No 2 from ALTUCHER CONFIDENTIAL. 

phul nana The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW 1842 - 1954), Wednesday 19 October 1949,I found a pic from a newspaper on the day I was born. Very predictive of my life as Nana. That was 19 October 1949. One thing which I need to do tomorrow is to take the photograph of the WONDER.

I made a new determination. And a new challenge to myself. From this point onwards, I can scruffle through any old photos that I wish and use them in posts while I think about the weekly challenge but the one I choose and use MUST be taken

a. as a result of the weekly challenge.

b. in the week of the challenge.

c. specifically taken for the challenge.

So, tomorrow – I had best look around for what I consider to be THE Wonder in my life here. It could well be the jacarandas which are just coming to the end of flower now. It could be – well – I shall take the camera and my “ capacity for wonder” out tomorrow and see what we find.


In the meantime, I shall go Bench hunting through my photos and see what I have.





Not quite a bench but bench-ish. I ‘m posting this shot because its rather odd to eat lunch so close to petrol bowsers. That’s HAT HEAD in the background.  The original SANDERS land was not far from there. Back at Kinchela. The family is said to have travelled across for holidays at the beach and Blackberry Bill Sanders got his nickname from throwing blackberry seeds to grow so that the kids had something pick and eat on the way. That’s the legend anyways.


BENCHES UP ON SMOKY CAPE. JUST DOWN FROM THE LIGHTHOUSE. I don’t quite know the best way of making use of the 2 benches facing one another arrangement.


SMOKY CAPE AGAIN. How is this for a fine bench ? Firmly anchored. The curious “back to the view” effect that many benches have. Solid timber. Whacking big bolts. Pacific Ocean behind. Truly a bench.

Here we have the classic covered bench with table beside water. It looks like an ordinary bench setting but just behind is TRIAL BAY GAOL.

BENCH at Jerseyville. Still on the Macleay River Across the river is the trawler fishing fleet. Once again the bench is covered with a pitched roof.



And before bed, just a moment thinking of two friends of mine from long ago, whose boy would have turned 30 today. He was killed last year when a car exploded and, sitting here on the eBENCH, I think of our lives. His baby boy was born just a while back. We all had children about the same age, these old friends and my sister and me. The last 12 months have seen us torn apart. Sometimes, I just sit here on the eBENCH and look into the river that has flowed past me. I love rivers – but strange creatures dwell in them and its not always a musk duck making the eerie boo boo call and swirling the waters.

góða nótt og dreymi þig vel Leif.


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