That’s it. This is the entry in this week’s photo challenge. I was going to go out and look for something splendid and awesome. Something WONDERFUL. Then, just as I was reaching for my car keys on my camel dish at the door, I looked back at the wooden table and the mobile and the laptop and Facebook showing and decided to stay with them. The photo therefore is HUMBLE and small but it shows one of the true Wonders of the 21st Century.

10 reasons that I consider the Net, mobiles, facebook, blogs etc to be WONDERS.

  1. Its my granddaughter’s 12th birthday today. She lives 1000kms away but I will see what happened today, TODAY.
  2. I can drive round the countryside alone in my car and not be out of contact with assistance if required.
  3. I no longer have to carry large boxes of paper covered in my typing and almost illegible handwriting.
  4. For someone who has not travelled overseas, I now have contact and friends in all sorts of place.
  5. History is at my fingertips along with mega knowledge from the global collective.
  6. For someone who doesn’t have the finances or the whatever to publish anything, I can write, publish for free, make jokes, interact etc.
  7. I now have access to news and views not expressed in Mainstream Media.
  8. FOR FREE I can make contact with almost anyone I want to.
  9. I can make a photo album. play with pics, show people my life here
  10. Loneliness is almost on-existent for me now even when I am isolated at home.


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