Tip No 9 : Be Honest.




Okey doke. So here I am on the eBENCH and likely to be sitting here for a goodly while with the rain coming down and the waters coming up – again.  Altucher suggests being honest. That’s where as a Libra, I get myself confused. Every point of view makes sense to me a lot of the time. Doesn’t matter tonight. I am looking at days at home if this weather continues. That seems a right shame. Up in the Valley a young local woman is having a Gypsy wedding celebration for her marriage to a Berliner she met this year. They have a marquee and a porta loo and 100 very mixed guests coming but its likely some of the bridges will be underwater and certain that the ground will be a boghole.

We took a drive up to Bellingen today to deliver a Gypsy shirt to one of the wedding guests. We missed them but purchased an $80 sofa bed from the new opshop and loaded it into the Starwagon to bring home. Its still in the back of the Van because of the incessant rain. We haven’t as yet perfected guest accommodation here and hope that this one might do the trick.

It was STOCKING UP day. Years of flood experience has me STOCKING UP pretty early in the Rains so we did the IGA ( Independent Grocers’ Association) ) and gathered $139 worth of foodstuffs. Then we did the new café in town . No 5 CHURCH STREET. It used to be GURU FOODS and had many more identities before that and I was rather expecting a schmick upbeat ‘urban’ atmosphere as envisioned by Council and Chamber of Commerce. Instead it is rather good. Simmering chickpeas and smiling young people. The furniture appealed to me and I am well pleased with No 5 Church Street.


009 008
+018 028
039 048


Good Night from the Wetlands.

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