Tip No. 12 : Be opinionated.


wax The Australian Women's Weekly (1932 - 1982), Wednesday 6 July 1955,


BE OPIONATED. Well indeed. I am hesitant about this Tip No 12. Altucher’s advice in Tip No 11 on writing 10 things noone knows about me brought in the lowest number of  readers I have yet had. I suspected that could be the case. Now he wants me to be opionated and I surely am that. I often don’t write till I am angry, just as Altucher speaks of. If I write one of my opionated posts, I am likely to lose the 3 readers I seem to have left.

No matter. I promised myself that I would follow these tips and see where they led me, so following I am. Years back when I was doing my Ignatian ONLINE RETREAT IN EVERYDAY LIFE, I had the experience of coming to terms with St Paul, someone I had never liked in the least. He was opinionated. Extremely opinionated. I was idly doing the retreat out of an equally idle curiosity when Kaboom It came to me that some of us are MEANT TO BE opinionated. Meant to be rather abrasive and loud mouthed. It doesn’t always seem fair to me. I have yearned to be the sweet thing who comforts and brings peace. I have craved a Buddhist inclination which hasn’t come at all or a Hippy New Age smilingness – but I remain opinionated.  Me and St Paul.

Such a Pity. I was hoping to be a gentle old lady with curling hair and an elusive serene smile.



I don’t say a lot about my Mum and that’s not because I don’t think a lot of her. She was cute, my Mum. I learned a lot about life from her.

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b. 28-11-1926

d. 28-8-2001



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