Grace Lee Boggs’ message to Occupy Wall Street – 10/9/11



In each situation ,  in each question you ask, each decision you make – remove any reference to money or finances in any form and see how it looks.

PRETEND that there is no need for money in each situation. That this is a world of plenty.  Just for a moment, and see what it looks like.

“ This child has toothache. What do I do ? “

“ This old woman is afraid and tired in her room in that boarding house. Afraid to go down the hall to the toilet at night. What do we do ?

“ This man has cancer. What do we do ? “

“ THIS CHILD is gifted musically. What shall we do with her ? “

“ My father has died. What manner of burial would honour him ? “

“ Our town grows bananas and all manner of vegetables. What shall we do with them ? “

I challenge you to leave FINANCE out of each decision you make, each question you ask yourself – just for a half hour.



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