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A Happy New Year to al of you Fellow Bloggers. A mad crew we must be to have persevered with this challenge.Bravo !

THE YAAN. Its 10.20pm here in Bellingen, Australia. All is quiet. Its 21.5 degrees Celsius. There’s been 1.2 mm rain since 9 a.m. this morning. And there’s almost no wind. Now and then, cheers erupt from the house 2 doors up the street. Nothing too raucous. Across the river, we heard fireworks briefly at 9p.m. but didn’t see anything. Likely I will be in bed before midnight. Izzy’s music gear is all stashed in his van. John and him played by the pool at the luxury resort despite the rain and cold and I went to my meeting in town and talked again until the shops were shut. My Girls were here during the day for a bit. All in all, a peaceful ending to a tough year. Me, I am going to read Edgar Rice Burroughs in bed. The CHESSMEN OF MARS this time. I’m leaving all the confusion and relational hurts alone for the rest of the Year and letting it all sleep.

One thing I do do – is wish you all a 2012, that ….. Let me think. The 2012 that is the BEST for you.

Back into the TROVE for me to see what other New Year’s have been.

ny The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. 1866 - 1939), Thursday 4 December 1930, NY HOPE The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. 1933 - 1954), Saturday 30 December 1944  

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