THE YAAN : I haven’t taken a photo in 2012. That’s strange in itself. The shot on the left was winding up 2011 in Bellingen and now I‘m ensconced in 2012 in the Workers’ Cottage with just a touch of Summertime. I’m doing some thinking about how I want to enter this year. Cainer recommended GENTLY. 

Your January Monthly Forecast: Still sitting in the same room? Still thinking about the same situations? Still eating the same kind of food? Still getting phone calls from the same folk? Still wrestling with the same problem? Still up against the same challenge? Still looking forward to the same bright ray of hope on the horizon? Well, enjoy all that consistency and familiarity while it lasts. 2012 may, so far, seem similar to 2011 – but, really, the year has only just begun. You will soon have to start getting used to a lot of positive change. Things really are about to get significantly different. http://www.cainer.com/

Your Week Ahead: Happy New Year! Theoretically, now, there’s not a star in heaven you can’t reach. Assuming, that your sights are set that high. It may be something more earthly that you are after. Somewhere in your heart, though, there’s a burning ambition, a deep desire, an intense aspiration. You are half-inclined to deny that it exists, simply because to admit to it is to concede a degree of vulnerability. But even if you don’t admit it, you will soon see the reality. You have been praying for positive change for a long time. Someone has been listening! http://www.cainer.com/



YAANING ON : Someplace in 2011, I ran out of Altucher time so I am farewelling him and  starting January off with another Bellingen personality.

Pip Wilson.


I thought I would try  taking a look at his Book of Days and see where that leads me. Pip put this together back in early Web days and it’s a mammoth. I’ll take one topic from his Book each Day and use it for Yaaning. Let’s take a look at January 2nd.

January 2 is the 2nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, with 363 days remaining (364 in leap years).


TODAY FROM THE BOOK OF DAYS : 1891 : Australian aviation pioneer Lawrence Hargrave flew in a kite for a period of 14 seconds, for a distance of eight metres.

If there be one man, more than another, who deserves to succeed in flying through the air, that man is Mr Laurence [sic] Hargrave, of Sydney, New South Wales. He has now constructed with his own hands no less than 18 flying machines of increasing size, all of which fly, and as a result of his many experiments (of which an account is about to be given) he now says, in a private letter to the writer, that: “I know that success is dead sure to come”.
Octave Chanute, American aviation pioneer, 1893; Lawrence Hargrave, Australian aviation pioneer, was born on January 29, 1850

The people of Sydney who can speak of my work without a smile are very scarce; it is doubtless the same with American workers. I know that success is dead sure to come, and therefore do not waste time and words in trying to convince unbelievers.
Lawrence Hargrave; letter to Octave Chanute, 1893




“WONDERFUL AUSTRALIA.” The Australian Women’s Weekly(1933 – 1982) 5 Sep 1956:

lhargrave The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), Wednesday 5 September 1956,

lh The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), Wednesday 5 September 1956,YAANING SOME MORE. Right. Topic chosen. A seemingly irrelevant one that caught my fancy. Edmund Hargrave FLEW. I remember learning about it at school. It instilled a fear of flying in me. A fear which is more to do with jumping off cliffs. I went to see the cliff he jumped from. My Dad drove us down the Coast to look at it. I think it was the same day he made us a big batch of wooden boomerangs to throw off the cliffs at Kiama. They were supposed to come back but they didn’t.

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