Its nighttime now with a full moon in a clear sky. Its been all sorts of a day, this one has.  Its  our Little One’s 2nd Birthday and it has been a sunshiny, warm day. We had a picnic at the Pool and her Mum and Dad baked and decorated the finest cake ever. These are the days I have been waiting for. The ones which suit me best. Warm and wet. Eating cherries and talking and playing with little ones. 4 generations there were.

It was a tragic day as well because early this morning at URUNGA on the goat track road they call Australia’s Highway No. 1, a huge truck collided with a utility and then ran off the highway and into 3 houses and killed a young boy who was asleep in his bedroom. The Ute driver was killed and people are injured – all in our little town. 

I went to look at the wee flat I might be moving into part time but didn’t get access today so I shall see about it tomorrow. And at the same time that I was going on with an adult form of separancing, the Man I Live With was up early and getting ready for our day with our Loved Ones and the Cheery Redhead. And way down South was the rest of my little family, singing Happy Birthday over the telephone.

Seems to me, that life is not very linear anymore. If you knew the stories of the people who were gathered at the Pool today and their mutual histories, I don’t think you would be arguing with me.

Now, I sit down to watch TV and on comes BRAN NUE DAE. I have resorted to posting Videos because I know a lot of you are way far from here and I am hoping you might like some of the vital exuberance and bubbling laughter of our Country.



January 8 is the 8th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar, with 357 days remaining (358 in leap years- THAT’S THIS YEAR.)


saying for the night – there was no goat’s milk in woolies.

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