SMALL CHANGE :  I was going to do some work that didn’t sit quite right with me. I thought to myself – It will come good.

Then into my mind came an image of a man who said to me ; “ I am not going to do anything I don’t want to do anymore.”

Well – I didn’t want to use the material I was looking at. The material was fine but the personality involved  has a tendency to DISS me.

One small change – chuck the material. Sever the contact. Look for something that makes me smile.

My family wasn’t driven out of its crofts to make compromises now.

Bravo, Lynne. I hereby award you the MADAME SAHARY SEAL OF APPROVAL.



THE YAAN : http://lynnesheritage.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/the-scottish-clearances/

Full moon night and I am sitting here listening to 2BBB streaming live from the mudbrick studio in Bellingen. It was a very hot day. A day for hoses and snoozes and Home.  My friend, Nicci, described one of the grief processes to me in this way.

  1. The first year it is on top of you.
  2. The 2nd it walks beside yo0u
  3. The 3rd year it walks a little behind.

That might be a little simplistic and has room for many variables but it has worked once before for me. I am approaching Year 2 now and am a little Grief Emergent. I can feel the presence beside me rather than on my back like some vile incubus. I am also a little more ready to listen to the Sofia voice of Wisdom. I am not letting this time pass unvalued or undervalued.

So I am sitting here on a Summer’s Night. Full Moon shining. Listening to music and roaming around  in my mind. I am remembering the Old Wisdoms. Within their disciplines is where I most often find the portal to the new freedoms. I don’t mean the bigtime old disciplines either. Just my small personal ones.

Like – eliminate the words : can, cannot, should, should not.

Now – back into the world of the SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS and the CLEARANCES.



Good Night to you all. Dream sweetly.