Give me a moment and I shall go see whether there is a full moon visible or not. Nope. She’s covered by clouds. I shall give you instead a sunrise from a couple of days ago. Reason I am posting an image late at night with no real intention of Yaaning today is that I think I have finally tracked the forums enough to understand why my images haven’t been enlargeable for the last couple of years and how to do it now.  Glory be.

I did take a look at the little flat today. Its pretty impressive with only two complications. I shall think about them tomorrow. For now – let’s see of the pic enlarges


Good Grief – it works. Hundred of image posts that need never have been fixed in size. Well, there’s one good thing for the day.The second thing is that we met en masse today and I have hopes. HIGH HOPES. High apple pie in the sky hopes..


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