And I also do not want aluminium doors or windows and in fact very little metal in the building at all.

I really would like a proper bed. And a fireplace. And I still fancy French doors with lace curtains. But that’s an old dream and there could be something new to replace it. I seriously want a spare bedroom for guests – at least one. And a flat surface. Access to town – easy. And to River. A view of the passing parade but I don’t want the passing parade to have a view of me.

THE YAAN : Its actually sunshiny and warm. I believe its snowing in Oregon. Today is the SOPA blackout day. O, let us not go back to only mainstream media and hogwash. I don’t think we will.  I don’t think the powers-that-seem-to-be can actually regain all the power-they-thought-they had. The power we-didn’t know-they-had.bookofelvesfair00olco_0153

I think I have most of the major ingredients for my new home and most of them are in the witch’s cauldron and beginning to simmer. Best I keep my hands off that Concoction and leave it to slow cook for a while.

Meantime I am going out into the Bush to visit the Girls. Along my River and up into the forests. Maybe I will find a troop of Spriggans. They can go and find the perfect Home for me.

I went outside to check the Renowned Passionfruit Vine a few moments back and the twisty thing has Fruit on it. I take that as a good sign.