JANUARY 26 2012 : At dusk, a family drives sheep out through the yellow of the Aboriginal flag.




Ngunda: messenger of God

Ngunda Bimiai spoke the message.
All I did was draw this.
All I did was pass on
But one thing they gave me
is my own selfing self.

Lionel Fogarty


I am about to write a peaceable post after a fractious day. 250 words without insult or entering into dispute. I am also going to find a white Australian song and post it. No problem.
Hmmmm – that’s me taking a deep yogic breath or two. It stayed flooded today but the rains have now eased. We have plenty of provisions and some delicious foods for dinner. Tomorrow, I think I shall be able to get out and about and maybe get some post-flood photos. I started a new photoblog and now the owner of the property walks past in high gumboots through the long grasses.

I have my OWN SELFLING SELF. I surely do like that expression. MY OWN SELFLING SELF.

I’m still waiting for the big waterbirds to come back. We have water now. The paddock is back to mini lake and maybe the algae has washed from the dam. I am still forming visions of what I want in a home. Last time, all the little kids sat in Urunga School, brainstormed and then meditated a little before drawing and writing about the perfect home for me and mine. Within a week, I had a 5 bedroom mansion for $200 per week with its own rose garden and situated on a wee creek out in the Valley. The Gleniffer Valley. It was a magic little class to teah, that one was.

The detail I add to my vision today of HOME is – ENDURING.

With a bathroom with a bathtub. A room with perfumes and lotions and potions and views onto tropical plants and a stream.





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