I am doing a kind of cheat this week inasmuch as I have chosen a classic family snapshot pose. In a time when I have been struggling with Hope for a bit, the topic stomped me somewhat. I was going to post my passionfruit vine photograph because that vine has got me through the Summer. Then I spotted all the floral and vegetable posts by Bloggers and thought I would look elsewhere. A few minutes back, I thought I would go for the sense of enduring hope in old buildings and trees and then I came to this simple picture, taken today with the floods passing. Oh God, I thought – we are beginning to really smile again. The Cheery Redhead found the place where Fairies live hidden deep in the big old tree out the back of the carpark in our hometown.  Maybe one of my cornier entries but Hope in the Past of the big old tree and in the Present with my own daughter looking so happy and in the Future with the Little Ones .  I have other hopes for other Loved Ones and I am keeping them private for now.