Been a while since I have sat this early and empty headed on the eBENCH. The floods have truly passed over us now and are on the Inland Towns. I was up early enough for a sunrise this morning. Breakfast with a bagel and a sunrise. Izzy was off to the BOLLYWOOD MARKETS up in Wooolgoolga .  As for me, I am home. I have something I wish to do this afternoon and enough energy for one activity or the other but not both.

I’m taking the morning just roaming around in my mind. I was thinking of the names of the people in our Valley and wondering whether  the area had some role in determining the name choices.

The first 20 names of children that come to me are :

  1. Saffron Lola
  2. India
  3. Briar Rose
  4. Marley
  5. Bridie
  6. Reuben
  7. Hunta
  8. Echo
  9. Orryn
  10. Alar
  11. Amber
  12. Ariel
  13. Bell
  14. Ebony
  15. Rusty
  16. Gaelan
  17. Inke
  18. Issy
  19. Luca
  20. Jai

I draw no conclusions from that. It might be a good day to draw no conclusions about anything at all. saf

Yesterday, I saw a very big tree. Its there all the time. Well, I think it is. Out the back of our local carpark. A big fig. Yesterday, I SAW it. I haven’t done that much for a while. Add it to the emergent viewings. I took the Cheery Redhead across and we found what is most likely the entrance to a Fairy World.

We stayed there a while. At the big tree. I found myself oddly comforted and steadily sure footed. I am in the Land of my Memories. The tree was there when Kip died of a drug overdose and was left propped with a bottle of whiskey in his hands at the back of the hotel. The tree was there when Gr Grandmother Alice raised her children in the little old house up the lane. The house is still there as well.  The tree was there when my sister and I took my son to the Cool Creek Café after getting him out of hospital. The Cool Creek People took it into their heads that Susan and I were a gay couple and we didn’t bother with the over explaining.

It’s a big tree. I wonder why people feel the urge to cut them down and dig them out. I wonder why people feel a need to over explain their reasons for doing so.

The truly big tree is still there. Right in the middle of town.

I’m pretty sure it’s the Entrance to a World of Faeries.

One thought on “4 FEBRUARY 2012 : A SUNSHINY DAY”

  1. Names aew getting weird as time goes by and big trees are cut down to make way for change, whether it is for the better or not does not seem to matter. I hope your big tree survivies for another hundred years or so, after all those faeries need their doorway.

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