The daughter of my sister sent me a message this morning. She had had a dream about our little one hurting her head. Just a little after I sat down here on the eBENCH, I heard a thump on the side window and when I went to look, a kingfisher had hit its head and was lying there looking unwell. Its my sister’s bird, the Kingfisher is .  I was torn for a moment between the Camera and the Bird. This time, I grabbed the camera and came back to the Bird. A few minutes and he regathered his wits and took off into the tree at the back. I have tried to help them in other ways at other times but Vigil works best.


One thought on “THE KINGFISHER”

  1. great story and wonderful pics nellibell …we had a similar event a few mornings ago … a young new holland honeyeater .. and he recovered too 🙂

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