I am totally disconcerted by the weekly photo challenge topic not appearing. The ground trembles beneath my feet. Its driven me to use BLOGBOOKER. Just to ensure that my blogs exist someplace lest WORDPRESS goes the way of AOL.  In the meantime, I shall sit myself down here in the cool of the evening and Yaan a bit. I have been spending my days deep in the Internet Archives, looking for picture to go on the fairy story blog I am making for my Girls. I have 2 favourite places in this world. One is the INTERNET ARCHIVE and the other is THE TROVE.  I enjoy them more when little tiny black beetles aren’t crawling all over me as they are at the moment.  Nonetheless, it’s a sweet evening. Going to take a look back and see what other Februaries have been like for me. The Februaries since I have been digital.

feb 6 2006 020

2006 : 2006: Up on the Hill in my Cottage with the View. It was the year that I started going to the Blues Club down in the Valley on Thursday Nights. I’ve never been a music goer and I found it  unnerving to head down for dinner alone each week. One thing I did was to start a blog about what happened down there. I wrote it as Billy Blue and in the end it led me into living with Izzy.


2007 : I have never played music nor sung in public. Rarely gone to concerts and knew very little of words such as ‘gig’. I didn’t even know what a bass was. I know a lot more and one whole room of our place is a music room with recording studio and P.A. and amps etc. I thought Addicts were a strange breed but Musos are really strange to me.

2008 :  Looking back, I went from a non-musical life to carrying equipment to gigss and taking photos and chatting with people at restaurants etc. That’s Kel and Scrubby with izzy in the Jamieson’s Restaurant Pic.

2009 : Interesting thing I just noticed is that the Gigs have been busy each February. Neither of us quite knows why that is. Scrubby and Izzy played for a year or two together up north on the Border between NSW and Queensland. This one is STOKER’S SIDING on the Tweed River.

2010 : By 2010, it was music every Sunday at the WIDE RIVER CAFÉ in Ulmarra. We liked it there. it was HOME.
2011: Last year was different. Last year was VIGIL.

2012: This year. Lots of gigs and a Zarsoff Bros reunion has been called for in June at Coolangatta. I don’t go to the music as often – and we don’t know which paths we are taking next – but the music is there.