NOT my videos. Just some examples of typical kookaburra laughs.

THE YAAN : I was about to write a rather serious post as I headed home down the Trunk Road from Bellingen today. I had been listening to the beautiful MARGARET THROSBY interviewing the equally beautiful PRO. GUY STANDING. and playing Pavarotti.

Here is the serious matter on which I was going to post. I believe I am a member of this precariat. http://www.policy-network.net/articles/4004/-The-Precariat-%E2%80%93-The-new-dangerous-cla

HOWEVER – FUN is the discipline I promised till the next photo challenge and FUN it will be.

PRECARIAT – That’s fun. Being actually named and identified. The weird and angry mixture of us who are shamed in our present and afraid  – just might look pretty good in the future.



BACK TO THE YAAN:  They need some re-membering, the Fun times do. Need to be taken out dusted off and polished now and then. Showing the surf to inland boys and days in the Sun with little girls in big Gold Coast hats. Wearing a tyre right through to the metal and being helped by my dear friend, Michael. Saturday nights at Jamieson’s Restaurant. Music at ILNAM ESTATE WINERY. Gabi Bliss under the shadow of  Mt Warning. And when I’ve felt the hsape of them again and used a soft cloth to shine them up, then I rearrange them on the mantlepiece.Some I put back in the same place as   and before and others I place differently. Some I pack away for a time and others I bring out from where I have had them stored and put them on display. Like the orange hibiscus at Bilambil and our days in the heart shaped pool.

 DSCN0398DSCN2208michael and tyrePB100016PROMO FOR ILNAM 001GABI7KIDZ HOLS3 019AUSSIE DAY EVE 092WOMENLADYSINGSdorrigo 087-1DSCF0538DSCF4188DSCF5246drummoyne bakery022079014


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