THE YAAN: I went to a pre-school today. The name is DAWNSONG. It was a Steiner Centre. It isn’t that anymore but it is beautiful. Somewhere in the last Greedy Years, large corporations set up pre-schools and they bought cheap land on corners and busy roads with the children behind cages and visible to passers-by as well as vulnerable to vehicle disasters and pollution.

DAWNSONG is not like that. Its amongst trees. Many of the children know one another and their parents know one another and their grandparents know one another.

Sometimes, when I am a) not afraid b) not guilt ridden c) not ill and d) following a discipline of FUN as I am this week, I breathe deeply with true pleasure at the community I’m living in. You can find some snippets at http://nellibellingen.wordpress.com/ . For live streaming community radio we have http://www.2bbb.net.au/ 2BBB. Built in a mudbrick building and manned by volunteers.  

The actual DAWNSONG that wakes me of a morning is pretty funny. Kookaburras and Gang-Gangs and Rainbow Lorikeets. By the time the birds are treated to a morning feast and the other critters come across to join us at table, some days look very good indeed. Today was a special one for me because I knew I was going with the Girls to look at Pre-School. I put that in the Privileged category.

We followed it up with a swim in our Sea Lido on a very high tide.  Must have been a dozen or so heads of my vintage bobbing up and down out there in the water. And some little people on shore and near the edge.



I took this shot last night. I have no idea why it came out looking like this.