That last post was terminated. Everything electrical was terminated for 8 hours or so.  The storms hit and the power went down.



THE YAAN : Back Home after a weekend away. Yesterday was one of my own picture book days. Sun shining. Hours at the swimming pool. At one stage I said to the Cheery Redhead;  Where are the clouds ?  Miss 2 looked a little appalled and searched the endless blue skies for at least one cloud. Her two years on Earth have featured very few blue skied days. She looked more than a little nervous at the lack of clouds. We went uptown and lunched in the restaurant at the Federal Hotel. $10 meals and child friendly. I drove home well pleased with these February Days.

Then the clouds started coming in. My friend N.C. from a little furthe4r south sent me warning messages and I looked up our BOM.  Sure enough – storms coming. They weren’t all that bad here. A tree snapped down and some heavy rain – but they did black out the place for the whole night. All a part of a true Summer.

Now for town on a Tuesday Morning. Tuesdays I go to Urunga for a meeting.  Its maybe 8 kms from here. Not far. Talk with friends and buy some lunch. The small routines are precious. Back later.


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