THE YAAN: We passed through the little town of FREDERICKTON on the weekend when we headed south to Port Macquarie. A good proportion of my ancestors settled down that way. All up and down the mid North and North Coast they were. I have found a lot of Sanders Cousins via Facebook and some of them are far better than I am at putting all the details in order. One thing I am good at is hunting things down on the Net. I found a batch of books in the INTERNET ARCHIVE , written in the 1800s about CONVICTS AND SETTLERS AND EMIGRANTS to Australia. I’m adding them to HERITAGE site . As far as I know, they don’t contain any specific info about my own family but they do paint a picture of the times, written at the time – not interpreted by later eyes.

My family’s arrivals start app 1795 and end in the 1850s. Amongst them are CONVICTS and ASSISTED EMIGRANTS.


I am sitting here  at my own desk, winding down after the anniversary of losing my sister to lung cancer and I am imagining what it was like for the English, Scots and Irish to find themselves out here in a world which can still be intimidating in the 21st Century. I am imagining the aboriginal people with the strangers coming into their world.  They are a good find, these books are. Hidden away in American Libraries. It was just last night that I started thinking that the things I was looking for might be back in Europe and America where people had sent them rather than here where they were written. Sure enough – here are a few odds and ends – breadcrumbs on that particular trail home. Later. I will take a look at UK newspapers and see what was written ABOUT us here.

I have all my Dad’s letters from WWII to his family but not the ones they wrote back.That’s because their letters got lost someplace in the Army overseas whereas his family carefully kept every piece that he wrote to them.