THE YAAN. Morning to you all. As I said yesterday, this is a very occupied year for me – so far. There was a definite demarcation line between 2011 and 2012 at New Year. That’s something that doesn’t  always happen. Since then, life has been moving slightly faster than me. I guess it would look pretty tame to a lot of people but I have put much time and discipline into developing the pace of life which suits me well and I am a little startled at the acceleration. I drive a little old car – not really by choice, but its what I am now accustomed to it. 2012 is like someone popping me into a fine, brand new vehicle that takes off 0-100 in 10 seconds.

That said, here comes Sunday. A blank canvas before me. That’s what they say – a blank canvas. For the moment, the Gentleman and I  continue to dwell together, continuing to cohabit in our cottage and in essence simply are continuing. Its been a pretty funny week, all in all. Takes me back to the year’s meditation I once did on the Hill in Bilambil where every time I emerged from meditation, it was  with the clear inner instruction to ROLL AROUND ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING. I had expected some serious insights into the meaning of life but that was the only one that came – so I took it seriously.

This week has been like that. Lurching from one funny situation to another. The pumpkin vine is growing almost into the doorway now. The passionfruit is climbing up and over the roof but the local critters are snaffling the fruit before it ripens. I woke in the middle of the night to the sound of water gurgling. We had the plunger to hand but it made little difference.  The mobile phone began tinkling with incoming messages a few minutes later. They turned out to be Facebook operating on U.S.A. time and round about 2.30 a.m. we got up, made a cuppa and gave up on sleeping.

One of the Eungai people says it was probably a snake in the S bend and sure enough the next night, a large snake appeared at the back door.


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