Good Morning, All. I am still not inclined to write anything personal or thoughtful so I am going to spend the day writing the TRIFLORA stories for my 3 little girls. The stories are derivative. The images are  nicked from the Net ( from out of copyright or free sites) and its fairly incoherent but it brings me great pleasure and causes me to feel linked to the Loved Ones I can’t see or visit with. I don’t think the Girls are reading them as yet due to their Internet access being minimal down there in the South. They might never read them but I know that I have written them. Sometimes that is all that matters.

I might even put some more photos in my online album . I’m sitting here on the underside of the world and most of you are up on top sleeping. Now, there’s a thought ! I shall leave you then and indulge in a day of pleasure and fantasy.

Triflorians simply love parties and Poppy’s Place is simply the BEST place to have a party. This was a most important party because it was the PARTY FOR NO REASON AT ALL.

Even the Beings from the very middle of the Unfound Sea were coming and they hardly ever came out. It was so difficult to find the Unfound Sea again and so easy to attract the attention of the Trouble.

The Wizards had been at work designing a special airship to get the Beings of the Unfound  Sea to the Party and it seemed to be working very well indeed.

I shall see what I can find out from the Wizards and I will be right back to tell you what their plans are.

Remember! These are secret plans ! Do not tell anyone – at all !

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