THE YAAN :  Hear tell its International Women’s Day but I am not going to write about that. I am not even going to post music by the Women. I shall do that on another day. I am real tired today. Maybe it distorts my thinking and maybe it clarifies it. Few months back as yet another commercial, distracting, smiling “DAY OF”, “WEEK OF” appeared – a very gentle and moderate contact of mine wrote something to the effect of –  forget all the days of , and do something about fixing it.

I am of that mind today. Forget all the idle gestures and inappropriate celebrations of battles not won. I am taking to my eBENCH  again and just sitting here.  I’m not up for cheer up comments either or for comparing how fortunate I am compared  to Fred Bloggs down the road. I am very tired.

YAANING ON : I was sitting here when the Kookaburras started in to laughing. I was getting my ulcers in a knot about whether or not I could afford to see a specialist doctor or not and I was feeling crook again – but then the Gooburras started to laugh and I went outside. I am the only one home on the property today. That’s something I love. A whipbird tuned up in the boundary trees and I began to feel a whole lot better.  I even planted a plant. That’s not something I have often done. A bougainvillea it is. I want it to cover the metal shed. I do not like metal buildings nor the implications of where the metal comes from. So I planted a plant. I have a gardenia to go next and this weekend is the AUTUMN PLANT FAIR. 

I had a bleed not long after the Kookaburras started up so I am back a’sittin’. It was the mouth this time, not the nose. I guess I have the true photographer’s mind even if I don’t always have the skills or techniques. I was trying to get good shots and clean up the bleeding at the same time.





The blood’s cleaned up. The place is quiet. I have listened to Carmody and Roach and I am not venturing into the world of Outrage today. I have been moved. I have been moved by the quiet and the birds coming over. I have been moved by the soup cooking slowly for my dinner tonight.  I’ve been moved by all the little things.

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