Let’s see if I can bring in a 20 point sequence of events for the day. A humble day – but quite lovely.

  1. got up and checked the dawn
  2. went back to bed
  3. got up and had bagel and white tea on the verandah
  4. checked the net and dived into the open library.
  5. neighbours brought over a copy of leonard cohen’s new cd – old ways of thinking
  6. izzy went to bellingen to the autumn plant fair
  7. cleaned up the side verandah and re-arranged
  8. hung out the washing on the other side line
  9. jack the horse went out in the horse float and the pony became restless and lonesome
  10. izzy brought home hearthfire pies and worts ginger drink and hummingbird cakes for lunch
  11. neighbours slashed one paddock  and mowed the lawns on the other side
  12. had a shower
  13. went to meeting in bellingen
  14. chatted with friends outside the uniting church
  15. drove home
  16. checked the net
  17. saw that my daughter was really angry and even cursed online which she don’t do
  18. sat down in the living room at our work table
  19. put the tv on
  20. wrote this


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