15 MARCH 2012 : A WEEK OFF


THE YAAN. I am having a week or so off all my self enforced disciplines. I do believe that a year into the grieving its time for new normals to form.

I have been writing my stories for my little girls and ploughing through open library to find out of copyright graphics. That’s about it. I don’t fancy being as ill as I was last week. I am also attending to some matters in the Straight World. I rarely do that. I have made a doctor’s appointment and a car appointment and spoken to officialdom on the phone. I have changed my records at such places as medicare. I was only 7-8 years behind.

Pretty much, it all worked out OK. Reminded me of the world I don’t choose to live in much. Now i ‘m sitting again on a cool and clouded day with the busiest thing being the pumpkin vine growing ever closer and old shows on TV. Doing whatsoever I please.

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