I started living with IZZY FOREAL in 2007. Life has been very unusual ever since.



THE YAAN: I am back on the eBENCH – pyschologically and more interested in the Fairy Tales than in anything called adult at the moment. Its Sunday in Australia and Autumn is being very gentle on me. The 2nd big pumpkin is in from the vine. All I really need to do today is wash the Charade. Its time for registration check of roadworthiness. That’s a nervewracking experience on a limited income with a 12 year old car which has mould growing on it from the wet season. Nonetheless, I am going to fill a bucket with hot water and suds and get the hose running and see what we can do to make her look presentable for tomorrow morning. For the topic of the week – UNUSUAL – I have chosen my life with Izzy . We met in o0ur late 50s and he is a Performer. That has led me into a most peculiar 5 years. Since I don’t feel much like writing or have any special aims at the moment, I am simply trawling the Archives for things we have done sine 2007. Not BIG unusual – simply “ a little unusual.”

izzy and little one ferret


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