THE YAAN : Another day of brief contact with the straight world. Kind of. The good part is that I did it in a small town.

YAANING ON : So, I took the Charade to the local auto people, the Navin Bros. We talked of kids and cars and they told me the Charade was perfect and I left smiling. Did the town – Urunga. Chatted. Spoke of my sister who worked for years in the Post Office there. Stocked up on craft goods for the Cheery Redhead. Bumped into a female musician and Izzy and Sandra talked a while while Julie, from the newsagent, and me did some extended family catching up.

I come from a small town. Hit the bakery for lunch and home. I live in a small town.

Got home to find that the power had kicked out and the hot water with it. Half hour or so later, electrician arrives. Friend of my daughter and her young man.  Not only did they fix the problem but they got up on the roof and fixed our TV aerial gratis, swept the leaf debris etc off and also chatted about schooldays and town.

Makes life a very kindly place to be.

048 062
Picked up a book from the P.O. Sent to me by a Facebook Friend.

The Electricians.

016 052

Craftwork on the verandah.

The new water garden.