THE YAAN :  I went to the Doctor. That’s not something I do willingly or lightly. I went to the one called THE HEALING CENTRE. It sounded reassuring and it was.

We have pumpkins coming in now and garlic from next door. Some of them are being traded for eggs. WE know now that the Landlords want to keep us and now I am back “ On the Books” at the Healing Centre.

I hate Centralisation. I hate monoliithic corporations and phone call  centres. I hate the faceless world. I really dislike our Prime Minister and hate our Government. This is a world in which we are not  “supposed” to hate – but I do hate these things and more. I hate the Palliative Care that didn’t come to my sister. The hospitals that sent the Cheery Redhead home when they took the plaster off her supposedly broken leg and never again checked it. I hate methadone programmes and all that work within. What else? The Department of Housing which has driven people out of houses and either demolished the buildings, sold them for mega profit, rented them to the private populace for mega profit or boarded them up and put fences around them. I hate the Hospital that said my Mum had just eaten her lunch and was doing fine when in fact she was in a coma following an unnoticed heart attack that led to her death. I also do not like the  Dept  of Housing which put up signs saing “ no ball games, no playing” in public areas and buses and trains which forbid eating or drinking while travelling. I also don’t get why tobacco advertising can be banned and smoking stopped while drinking alcohol is advertised with glossy sexist ads and alcohol itself is cheaper than soft drink. I hate a world that says whites can drink and blacks can’t. I really hate a Government that goes in and “ intervenes” in indigenous communities and tells people where they can shop and what they can do.

What I do like is – pumpkins being shared between neighbours and the man next door bringing a bag of garlic in as he passes. I like the young electricians and the house without keys. I like the Medical Practice that cries for my sister and knows my daughter and her daughter. I like the vegetable soup that is heating up for dinner and the Plate Pearl brought my cake on. I love my daughter’s cooking and little shacks in the Bush. I love kids I have taught who are grown up now and Bloggers who go all the way to Kenton in Devon to photograph a village for me. I like knowing the manager at the local Servo and the people in the Post Office. I like my one lane drive home with the mountains behind and I LOVE all the birds that live in my yard. They call our town the Little Town that Time Forgot. I like 3 of us sitting in a meeting room drug free. I like Global Village and Villages within cities and I REALLY like REAL VILLAGES. I like swimming in our river and our local pool and the caravan park and the beach down the way. And I like kookaburras.



Wrapping the evening up with the clip from a film about PAPUA WEST NEW GUINEA (which we idiotically and unforgivably handed over to Indonesia.)