THE YAAN : Today the power was to be off for the day so I was heading out bush to my girls’ place to spend time with them. The bridge between their place and town was also OUT while its being worked on. That meant a drive up the back road. Interesting road that one. I was listening to Dr Helen Caldicott on the way.  http://www.2bbb.net.au/  I often listen to Helen Caldicott when I am on that backroad. She’s usually speaking about overpopulation and other matters and I am driving along a one lane bush road on the dirt with branches touching  overhead and not another car in sight

We have begun to pick the pumpkins now. From the untamed garden. Good looking pumpkins they are. Next door has garlic growing and we have a bag of that garlic in our kitchen.

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The vine is pretty rampant now.Its more like the recollections I have of the North Coast when I was a little girl. A lush climate. Black grapes and corn, spuds and grammas and chokoes and all manner of foods.

I was thinking about Journallers . Thinking about May Sarton and others. Wondering how they manage to write a couple of lines daily and emerge with an intelligence.All I know is that I saw some really good plants today.

My kids were in a car crash yesterday. Long way South. A car ran into the back of them. The car is written off which is an issue with the rort that is insurance and the low income of the unemployed.
The good bit is that they appear to be uninjured. I am so glad about that.

I love my family.



Its been damp here of late. That has brought the leeches out. The Cheery Redhead is so accustomed to them that she isn’t phased at all. We pour salt on the leech. it drops off and then band aids on the bleeding and on we go with the day.

053 leech