I am having a most unintelligent start to 2012. Blogwise that is. Ah well. Life passes and changes and Intelligence may well return. This morning’s sunrise was pretty good. I just made it up in time. That was courtesy of the kookaburras wake up laughter.

I was hoping for a home day and that’s what I got.

The second year emergence from grief is taking me a little sideways. When I was at the Doctor the other day, I realised I had been living in a presumption of the end being nigh. Subliminally thinking that way.

009There is, of course, a chance that I might live a bit longer – or a lot longer so I had best consider some changes in my attitudes. Izzy feeds the birds. A lot of birds. Out the back between the Cottage and the shed. First the Lorikeets come. Demanding and raucous and brawling and rich in colours. Then a sequences of species arrive in turn.



The Passionfruit Vine grows across my window and creates the lush North Coast atmosphere I love, I have Venetian blinds and long gone days whisper through them to me.

015My bedroom and most of the Cottage have pale yellow walls which I don’t like much. The ceiling are very high the floors are tiled. its taken me two years to begin to accept them as they are and to get some ideas of what I might be able to do.

My inclination is to old cottages or mud brick or wooden shacks but I really want to adjust to this because of the kindness of the Landlords and the neighbours. The location and the effort of finding anywhere else and moving yet again. I am as timid in decorating a home as I am at taking photographs. It comes from the years gone by. Of moving and moving. I do have my escritoire that Izzy did up for me in Grafton and the Roses picture my sister gave me long ago.

016I am an even more timid gardener than I am decorator or camerawoman. I chuck left over vegetables out the door and sprinkle bird seed hopefully. For some damned strange reason, they’re flourishing here.

Pretty funny. We brought in a mass of pumpkins today and I ate the first of the passionfruit to escape the critters. It was a splendid piece of fruit.

I figure I might as well keep trying the nellibell49 technique. Its working so far.

021It even looks like the rainforest orchids on the tree might flower. We have a huge compost heap over near the far fence and another area behind wire which I am using for unapproved of uses caused by Tips closing down and its costing $31 to take a wee load to the profit-making, obscene, “waste management” Depot.

023Things were going along nicely today. I had home made vegetable soup cooking. Clothes were washed and hung on the line. I have bionic pegs and a pegless clothesline as well.

I was watching very old daytime TV ADAM 12 and CRAZY LIKE A FOX and even BAYWATCH.

I had some pleasant facebook exchanges and someone entered a blog of mine in an Australian Blog thingo.

Izzy had brought the pumpkins in and I had eaten the first passionfruit from the vine.

025Then along comes the Snake. Dash it!

It wasn’t a red bellied Black. That’s good.

It wasn’t a Brown. That’s good.

It wasn’t a carpet snake either. It looked to me like a tree snake.

An old friend got back to me on Facebook. He is a reptile expert. He verified the Tree Snake diagnosis.

I’m not so scared of them but it went under the lounge on my verandah and I do not want to actually sit on it. I tried to net it but it escaped.  I am never unamazed by a day at home. I learned to do it years ago. Just STAY HOME and look for the small things. It was a good one today.