THE YAAN: Home again on the eBENCH. All in all, its been an UNUSUAL week for me.I have been busy every day except for one and I have been out and about. Today wrapped it up with a shopping trip to COFFS HARBOUR. That’s maybe a 15 minute drive from here.  I rarely go there especially to shop but the Girls’ had a big food shop to do today because they’ve been trapped on the far side of Spickett’s Bridge all week while its being repaired so I went with them. I did a few things official – well I did one but it felt like a few. I went to Medicare  to get a refund on the payment for the Doctor’s visit. We blew bubbles first. And ran barefoot before getting ready for the big town.

That left Izzy at home with the possibility of snake. He seals all possible entrances but Kati B just says She’ll be right !  He has strung the Cheery Redhead’s $4 plastic bass guitar with a full set of strings. He buys long strings but plays short neck so there were leftovers.

And so – we shopped. The Girls’ cheered  at the sight of traffic lights and shops and anything that wasn’t green. We ate lunch in a Food Court at Park Beach Plaza and we returned to the Bellingen Shire. With Indian Curries for dinner tonight. I sent the girls off with pumpkin, garlic and my Baxter Boots which just don’t fit now that my liver or spleen is turning on me and swelling me up like a puffer fish. The little one took her orange bass and my old mobile phone back to their shack and we are home in the cottage. Mowing lawns. Wheeling barrows and sitting on Benches.

The day’s shopping has driven Kati B to some heavy reading.