The last day of March is here. It was a strange month for me. It didn’t seem to stop still long enough to make sense. I have an entire day at home until late afternoon when I am going to the 70th birthday party of the mother of the partner of my daughter. So I shall attempt to review the month and see if any sense emerges from it.


Living down here on the river flats, I get the mists rolling in during the night and lifting as the sun rises.


March brings me some pretty serious sunrises. Down across the paddocks.


I was up most mornings before Dawn. Just to sit on the front verandah and watch. Son the sun rising eases its way round to the North and my view will be blocked a little.


Round about the 7th march, the pump on the eco water system broke down and flooded the Cottage with Sullage. Took sheets and cloths and towels to soak it up and I hung them over the fence to the back paddock because they’re not going to be used for anything here again. I shall bury them soon over in our rubbish pile and they can break down into whatever substance they break down into.


The lorikeets come each morning for feeding. The Rainbow Lorikeets generally stay up on the higher trays and these little scaley breasted pick over the food that drops onto the ground.


The pumpkin vine took off all over the side yard and is growing near as tall as the Cheery Redhead and bringing in good fruit.


When the rains had seemingly eased for a time, I put a desk on the Northern side of the Cottage and a cover on the stretcher bed but the rains came back for a bit and I haven’t as yet been able to use the desk very much. The little girl plays out here a lot and the chooks come on weekends when they are allowed free run of the property.


March also meant KOOKABURRA. We have a batch of them here but this particular one has truly claimed the address. Its as cheeky as. I thought one day it was going to take on the tree snake right up near our front doors. I don’t think that it did but the snake was probably lucky.


After a  very wet summer, March brought blue skies and white puffing clouds. I attune myself to the Small and the Still and  clear skied days. The view here is not one with dramatic architecture or fascinating people. Its lowland country but I find it interesting in its minutae.


A couple of trees and a lot of sky. Seems to have been the main theme of the Month. Leaves me with the internal puzzlings and external simplicities.


Mid March, the Rosellas came in. I think they come close to being a favourite of mine. They don’t seem to have stayed this year. I don’t yet know the ways of the birds. That’s another reason I am watching the small things. We have had very big floods to the West of the Ranges and I thought it might impact very much on the animals on this side but I don’t see much change as yet.

In the years of drought, the Western animals come over the ranges sometimes looking for food and water down here. I don’t know what happens in flood time.


I went to one Recovery Unity Day up at Sawtell. The recovery aspect of my life is suiting me well here. Picnics in tropical parks at the beach appeal to me.


Spider, the little black cat, has come to live here almost all the time now. The stripey cat was found dead in the big shed. Could have been a snake. I have my parent’s motorised wheelchair thingo called a ‘pony’ for driving around the yard esp with the Cheery Redhead and the pumpkin vine continues its relentless progress towards the Cottage. Round the side, we have a soursop tree growing. Izzy bought two of them when some of the family thought that Susan had time to try alternative remedies,  Its growing there now. It has time but she didn’t. I knew that.


And my girl started University this year. Open University which is online. She is studying Primary Teaching. Sometimes she does some work at our table down here and talks with Izzy who was a University tutor. Most of the work she does in the shack after the little one goes to sleep.  My son is studying accountancy and he too lives in a shack. His shack is 1000km from here.


Its taken 2 years of living in the Cottage to adjust to the details which I don’t like. The white doors and yellow walls. I am getting a grip on it now. It seems a petty matter of taste but its more than that. Its to do with the mass production and generic nature of the white doors. No options or choices given. You can buy this white door with this pattern. That’s it.  I don’t like it. I am adjusting now. We meet with kindness here. Beauty outdoors and security and safety. For now, that is enough.


I go out to my Daughter’s place in the Bush, from time to time. She has wallabies and lush plants and bush all around. Old doors and old paint. I like that better. Old plants beautiful flowers.


March meant a lot of time at home with my own odds and ends. This is a little Parisian Bird. My brother bought one for each of us – the 3 siblings when Susan became ill. The little bird sings at the slightest movement. I have a sideboard here with many of her little bits and pieces on it. Mixed in now with mine. The oddments of life.


March meant soft grasses. Places for little ones to run and a good bit of bubble blowing.

020It took us with friends to No 5 Church Street, Bellingen to eat the foods I like. They booked Izzy to play music there next week. The month marched right on with me holding onto its tail trying to get a firmer grip. I never did get one. Looking back at images randomly is locating me somewhat.

The month is drawing to an end.



BALI the dog sat on the verandah with Spider the black cat. Most days. Looking for something to come.


A couple of days back, we went to Urunga and  sat near the Caravan Park. Rabbits everywhere – including this little white bunny. I’m glad it came along  when it did. Summed up the month of march 2012 for me. Its been like following a white rabbit down into the hole.



A month seen through the wings of a dragonfly and through a fall of curling hair.


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