ON THE eBENCH : Watch this Space. I am going for one month of writing in the 3rd person ( more or less). Describing a photograph or topic. That should be interesting. Post of 250 words. Leaving ME out of it.



THE YAAN : The main street of Bellingen is called Hyde Street. The finest building in the street is the Hammond and Wheatley building. Back in the early 1970s, they started to sell off the grand features like the brass cash register and some of the cedar counters. Nowadays it is not really an Emporium. Not in the way it once was. The Independent Grocers’ Association occupies part of the ground floor. The other half is pretty flash in the Bangalow and Byron revived way. Shoes ‘reduced’ to $150 and graments in the hundreds of dollars.

Upstairs is a mad frenzy of imports.  A bazaar. Upstairs is colour and abundance and cushions and curtains. Upstairs is the way a shop at the top of a fine set of stairs should be. Unexpected and hectic and initially overwhelming.  “UPSTAIRS” is not a common experience in Bellingen. Most buildings are one storey. Upstairs is Mysterious. It promises the unexpected and on occasion, it delivers!

Incomers think they can change small towns and change the town in the way and at the pace they want. It doesn’t work that way.

Last week, 4 old ladies walked Hyde Street, doing the things they have done for decades. The old ladies don’t fight change but change seems to encounter them and is compelled to divert from the course it was upon. 

Sometimes a child sits on the step of an Emporium, wondering what is Upstairs. The Emporium knows her and she knows the Emporium. Her mother sat on that step and her mother’s father and before that her grandfather’s father and his mother.

Doesn’t really matter much who “owns” the store today.



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