ON THE eBENCH : Watch this Space. I am going for one month of writing in the 3rd person ( more or less). Describing a photograph or topic. That should be interesting. Post of 250 words. Leaving ME out of it.(more or less)


THE YAAN: There’s a full moon about at the moment. A much acclaimed full moon. It came up big and yellow and then settled over the mouth of the Bellinger River like a big white star. The tide was high and the ocean roaring. Some people said it was very cold. Some said it was mild. One family was fishing down near the Lido. They didn’t appear to be cold. In the annex of the first row of caravans in the caravan park, one man was watching television with his back to the water and the moon.

Two streets back from the water the Urunga Bowling Club has been completed. In 2009, floodwaters rushed through it. They rushed through most of the middle of the town, including the Ambuland and Fire Stations. Somehow the Bowling Club managed to claim enough insurance to build the flash new Club. It even has a café and a children’s playground. Urunga is known as the Little Town that Time Forgot. It seems with the New Bowling Club that time has briefly remembered us. It had all kind of modern equipment. A machine that recognised driving licences and other 21st Century contrivances.

It also has a cafe . Chinese Restaurants have a monopoly on most of the small clubs along this stretch of coast and it was nice to have the option of a caramelised onion and camembert cheese tart for $7.

The moon is up high now. It will shine through the passionfruit vine tonight.


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