ON THE eBENCH : Watch this Space. I am going for one month of writing in the 3rd person ( more or less). Describing a photograph or topic. That should be interesting. Post of 250 words. Leaving ME out of it.(more or less)


THE YAAN : Three cats live here on the property. They go by the names of William, Spider and Caramel. Until recent weeks, a fourth one lived wild in the big shed but he was found dead in there a little while ago. Could have been a snake that did him in.  Cats are a contentious matter in the Bush due to their destruction of small native creatures. Some People love the Cats. Some Hate them.

William is the old fellow with the collar on. He appears to be demented and lives in an alternative reality. William sees and hears things that noone else does and urinates indoors if given even a slight chance to do so.

Spider is small and young. She appears to be what is called a CANE CAT. Not very affectionate and extremely independent.

Caramel is the youngest and is bigger and more powerful and far  more inclined to climb on the roof of the Cottage and pursue the bird life. The Lorikeets and Kookaburras are teaching him a lesson or two.

As for the Chooks, the cats don’t challenge them AT ALL. The chooks strut about pecking at gardens and feet and cats if the need arises. The Chooks destroy the sunflower seeds. Just munch right into them. Nothing left at all.

Some people hate cats enough to kill them because the cats kill little animals.  Doesn’t seem a sane solution. Hatred and rage at that level don’t usually serve good purposes. Hatred and rage at that level probably NEVER serve a good purpose.


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