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THE YAAN: On occasion, the horses or cattle are put into the front paddock and the mobile solar electric fence gets hooked up. It stops the horses and the cattle but attracts my son and his family. Sometimes, he simply touches it. Sometimes he varies the experiment with wet grass or leaves or touching his partner’s hand. The dog and the child stay well back.

The electric fence hurts EVERY time. One day, the other little dog, Scoobie Doo got his leg caught in the white electrified tape and was trapped with repeated shocks. It looked like he was badly hurt and he ran off under the house. Scoob came out a few hours later none the worse for wear.

The yellow box which houses the solar electric system is down on the back paddock at the moment. Where the horses are in training. Years back the fences needed barbed wire and then the heavy duty electric systems. Now, its just one small yellow box and a white tape which can be moved at will.

Once, some lads from round here were riding their motor bikes across paddocks and struck a wire that had been strung across at neck height. That did some damage. The Chooks are the ones who do the damage to the garden here. It looks like chicken wire is going to be needed to keep them off some of the plants. They are extremely free range chooks.

Its not so easy to get old chicken wire or old posts or planks since the Twits closed the Ecohouse Recycling Centre just down the Road.