ON THE eBENCH : Watch this Space. I am going for one month of writing in the 3rd person ( more or less). Describing a photograph or topic. That should be interesting. Post of 250 words. Leaving ME out of it.(more or less)


THE YAAN: 250 words it is. Café bookshops. Well, the Kindle cometh. Randwick is near a University. The University of New South Wales. It’s also near a very large hospital and has some fine old churches as well. Someone was found dead on the street there the other day. They appear to have plummetted from a balcony. 

In the University of New South Wales, a convention of Narcotics Anonymous was held back in the late 1980s. 1987, to be precise. More than 1000 addicts in Recovery. At some stage, an announcement came that the attendees of the N.A. Convention were not to swim in the University Pool. It was early-ish days for AIDS terror. Addicts seem to have threatened the sense of security at the Uni Pool.

This week, over at the other University in Sydney, the one called the University of Sydney, the Riot Squad of Police was called in to calm the Staff and Students following savage cuts to the budget and staffing levels. RIOT POLICE. Some of the Students watching wore the blank, shocked faces of disbelief as they did in the late 1960s.

Meanwhile back in the Bookshop Cafes of this world, people read and eat and drink coffee. 

Urunga doesn’t have a bookshop café. It doesn’t have a University either. It did have a bookshop café in 1974. A little one with very old books.

One thing about NOW is that each house could access if it chose. Ot it could read the BELLINGER COURIER SUN at home.

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