MAY 22 2012. Two tightrope walkers cannot perform on the same tightrope. Turkish.



“A guitar has moonlight in it.” 
James M. Cain


Carry me away in a caravel, in an old and gentle caravel, in the prow, or if you like in the foam, and lose me, far away, far away.
In the horse-drawn carriage of another age. In the deceptive velvet of the snow. In the breath of gathered dogs. In the exhausted flock of dead leaves.
Carry me away without breaking me, in kisses, in chests that rise and draw in breath, on the carpets of palms and their smile, in the passageways of long bones and articulations.
Carry me away, or rather bury me.
Henri Michaux


THE YAAN:  I don’t feel like writing today and I‘m not.  Just thinking.

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