THE YAAN: Today I had medical doings in Coffs Harbour. I am struggling with some mental confusion at the moment and sure enough, I didn’t compute correctly and completely missed a  Catscan. I did, however, get blood tests done at what is now called the COFFS HARBOUR HEALTH CAMPUS, otherwise known as Coffs Hospital. I am striking  a batch of really professional and pleasant medicos and also being bulk billed. It makes a difference to an activity which I don’t handle well at all. So in I went and found pathology. Down beyond some renovations. It was over and done quick smart and I took a look at the Pink Ladies Kiosk which sells bits and piece – dirt cheap. Handknitted cardigans and floral arrangements for $10 or so. I grabbed a brekkie from their café section and took myself outside to sit on the bus bench and wait for Izzy. The reason I am mentioning all of this is the sign in the Photo above. Who the hell wrote that sign? What is it supposed to mean?  I was sitting on the bench, being blasted by bus and car fumes and reading the sign. Strange world out there.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed today. After yesterday’s rain, today was cloudless and warm. Kati B and the Cheery Redhead brought us lunch from Hearthfire in Bellingen and I re-scheduled the catscan. The rest of the day was spent painting and playing and talking. Another ordinary and precious day. Time for vegie soup and chocolate and fig slice for dessert.