I’m taking a dive into the TROVE where I haven’t been for a while. It’s a pleasure dealing with many bloggers from all over the world but it has drawn me a little into writing what I think I OUGHT to write rather than the ambling Yaans I was enjoying.

So, I’m sitting myself down for a bit this morning, on my eBENCH and digging into the TROVE. 


The World Is Rosy For These Chooks. (1938, December 28).The Queenslander

chooks The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. 1866 - 1939), Wednesday 28 December 1938,


“Self-oiling gadgets for the chooks will assist in Eradicating Stickiest Fleas.” Western Mail (Perth, WA :1950 ‘

Listening to local community radio http://2bbb.net.au/ and waiting for Kati B and the Cheery Redhead.

That’s one of the Chooks going bush. They mess up my verandahs but haven’t left any eggs as yet. The school bus is heading up Valery Road to pick up kids. Big bus , it is for a couple of kids. Driving along a narrow country road. Yesterday a half dozen kids fell out of a school bus in Sydney. We have to wear seatbelts in cars but they are not required on school buses. 
I have taken a dive into open library and here’s one on BENCH WORK IN WOOD. 
Down the back, is the contraption above. Not sure what it is. I put it on Facebook and received a barrage of ideas – none of which was serious. I wonder what it is.
I spent some time on the Bus Bench at Coffs Harbour Health Campus. I wasn’t waiting for a bus. I was waiting for Izzy to come and pick me up from Pathology. Noone else on the Bus Bench was waiting for the Bus either. It was the only seating near the Main Entrance. So we sat there. Mostly patients wanting a smoke. The Bus did come. But not many got on board.

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