HHYesterday. I was in the WEAVE shop in Bellingen. We sit in there at times and the Cheery Redhead draws pictures and plays. Yesterday, they had a tower made of wood. A marble dropped in at the top then rolled the whole way down – musically. We did it over and over.


What we didn’t do, was to sit down on the Bench outside. It’s a good home made bench. Wooden. Fairly low with a good view into the windows of the WEAVE SHOP.  On the 2nd WEAVE Bench was a basket of organic oranges and beside it was the moon planting calendar. That’s our main street – HYDE STREET.


The other day we were in Coffs Harbour and there was a little park beside the Clinic I was visiting. It had some random benches as well as the concrete variety just behind me in the Photo.  I didn’t sit down there. The wee park has that slight grubbiness that causes me to take a second look at anything I am about to sit on.


019Back in Bellingen, we returned to the wooden bench. Not only wooden but also INSIDE. Inside the LITTLE RED KITCHEN.

That’s a café at the top end of HYDE STREET. It once was a nighttime pizza place but is now opening for daytime eating. Magazines and benches and good cheap food.

Cheery Redhead likes it. She’s been doing cafes and benches with me since she was born.

We are the BenchMasters.

C.C. takes time out nowadays to glance through a good magazine while I ‘m yaaning.