THE YAAN: Winter Solstice today. The mists are rising from the bottom paddocks and its just a little chilly. Now begins the strange annual experience of days becoming longer again but colder.  Seems like a band slightly out of time to me. I’ve not, so far, fought and kicked against the Winter. Most often, I do. This year, I have almost enjoyed it. Today, I have a challenge. Only a couple of years back it would have been no challenge at all but something’s gone amiss with me and today looks intimidating.

Not long back, I drove where I pleased – fearlessly. Now I am timid about driving the few kilometres into Coffs Harbour. Not long back, I cruised the Gold Coast and took good care of My Self. Now, I am uneasy to be  taking myself to an ultrasound and a haematologist.  I have a daughter who is precious and generally takes me to these places but today she is seeing her father who had a diagnosis of liver failure and has come down the Mountain to look for a place to live where its not so cold and where he has family around him.

I live with a man who WORKS. He takes me many places but he WORKS. My very lips curl with the disdain I feel for the Working World.  Particularly the “Do-Gooder” “Industries”.

As for me, Courage, ma brave. What has happened to me to make me so timid and fearful?


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